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Web calendars are a traditional staple of many web applications, but the usability of event systems can be frustrating. The Collaborative Wisdom Events / Calendar Module uses Microsoft Outlook styled administrative forms which allow you to view the calendar in daily, weekly, or monthly views. From these screens, you highlight the blocks of times to create events. You can even drag events to new times and dates without having to reenter them.

Calendar Display Features:
1. Events categories can be displayed in the month view as a separate color.

2. When a date is selected, the event list panel is automatically updated without refreshing the entire page (via AJAX).

3. Events will have a title, time, short description and a “details” link displayed.

4. The detail window pops up in front of the calendar, focusing the reader’s attention.

5. The long description allows any type of content through our Editor, including images, hyperlinks, videos, and more.

6. Even downloadable files can be embedded in the description, providing an easy way to attach information to events.