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The Collaborative Wisdom Membership Module provides the capability of segmenting content for a select group of visitors. These “Members” are required to login to the system to gain access to protected pages. The Membership Module is created around two concepts: “roles” (or groups) and “members”.

Default Structure
If you do not have an existing security structure for members, such as a membership database or Microsoft’s Active Directory, you can use the default structure. The Membership Module utilizes the ASP.NET membership modules to create a hierarchy of roles and users to protect content within your site. In addition to blocking web page views, the Membership Module incorporates file level security for increased protect of web pages, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and any other file type.

Roles form the basis of security permissions. When a web page is set as a private page (requiring login), a role or roles are assigned to that page. This means that anyone who logs in must be a member of a role with access in order to view the web page. You can use roles to create sections within your website that are only accessible to certain users.

The Collaborative Wisdom Membership Module provides the member accounts for visitors that enable them to log into your web site. By default, the security setting for the account requires that each account has a unique email and unique username. This not only allows for greater security for the accounts, but it also is required for password reminder features.