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About Collaborative Wisdom, Inc.
The primary business directive for Collaborative Wisdom, Inc. is to deliver an enterprise-class content management solution (“CMS”). This system was developed on the latest technologies from Microsoft, including ASP.NET 3.5 and SQL Server. The platform provides Collaborative Wisdom CMS with the ability to store heterogeneous data, such as text, images, videos, and audio files, in a single system. Collaborative Wisdom CM provides users with fast and easy access to all the information their organizations need day to day.

The design of the system allows for CMS features to be selected a-la-carte to meet your organization’s needs. This approach allows your organization to have the capabilities of presenting information using the latest web technologies without having to purchase features you don’t want or need.

Company Background
The Content Management System was originally designed by a team led by A. George Anglin. Mr. Anglin’s system won Microsoft’s prestigious Solution of the Year for an installation at The World Bank. The system was then installed at many organizations, such as the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and others.

In 2007, the current organizational structure of Collaborative Wisdom was formed when senior enterprise architect Jeffrey W. Werner joined the team. Mr. Werner’s background in high end banking systems and large scale system development allowed Collaborative Wisdom to combine expert knowledge of content systems with greater levels of performance and security. Through multiple iterations that incorporated newer trends and technologies, Collaborative Wisdom is able to present a solution that is reliable yet affordable.

The Collaborative Wisdom CMS currently has over 18,000 users, each with login credentials to access the site to perform various operations. The company has no debt and the rate of CMS growth has been increasing each year.   In 2008, the company moved the data center operations to one of the best centers with 24x7 on-location support with worldwide monitoring centers and in 2009, Collaborative Wisdom unveiled the new cloud computing architecture for increased reliability.

The Collaborative Wisdom CMS is built on Microsoft’s latest web development framework, ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX, Microsoft SilverLight, and Microsoft SQL Server. This framework allows the Collaborative Wisdom CMS to provide features termed “Web 2.0” and seamlessly integrate with any web application that is created using any industry standard language. It also provides a robust framework for interconnecting with web services located at other organizations.

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