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RSS / Syndication
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"RSS" is an industry standard for transmitting information between systems. There are all sorts of uses for RRS but simply put, if your content is available in RSS format, then someone can subscribe to the content and receive updates as you make your changes. All content pages have the built in options of providing RSS feeds and email notifications. When a visitor chooses to subscribe to a page via, the visitor will receive an email every time the content is updated. If the user subscribes via RSS, the feed will be automatically updated via their feed reader.

Proprietary Syndication
You may have the need to get your information onto another website but don't have a web developer available to grab the RSS feed and format it for the web. We have a tool which allows you to generate one line of web code (a "<script%gt;" tag) than can be placed on the remote website. Wherever that line of code is place, the web page will display the real-time content from your website. The <script> tag passes an encrypted variable that contains a specific username and password:

<script language="JavaScript" id="CWIFeed" src="/WebServices/RSSFeedParser.aspx?Feed=Ll3tWdA0QxyKFE4e8%2fZPoVJIX8
J3jBqrjWBgsEGjuu6xZTo9w71WmkQb1FeBss8yt5XqNjM1VhdC6f811mcdLNQG8eHlHQEEk2Gqjd1AvR2Lc%2fEtUPrrDg%3d%3d" type="text/javascript"></script>

If you drop that code into any webpage, this will display:

This makes syndicating your content easy!