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Podcasts are a collection of audio and video files (usually audio) to whch a web visitor can subscribe. Most podcast subscription software will automatically contact your webserver to see if new podcasts are available and if so, the podcast will automatically download to the visitor's computer. This allows that person to take these files with them via a portable listening device or listen to them at their leisure on their computer.

To the left is a podcast channel view. The visitor will subscribe to this podcast channel via the RSS feed that can be entered into their podcast software. Often these RSS feeds will automatically be detected making the process very easy to complete.

Underneath the channel description is a description of the most recent podcast. As new podcasts are added to the channel, this will update.

Our system allows you to create multiple channels, and each can be "subscribed" to individually. You can list all of these channels on one page, or display individal channel details (as shown on this page). Additionally you can display the latest podcast in a channel or display a range of podcasts.