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Video Streaming
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Microsoft has developed a multimedia technology for the web called SilverLight . The Collaborative Wisdom Streaming Video Module is a SilverLight player that can display multiple video formats (e.g. *.wmv). Using this module, you have the capability of creating your own video library and playlists for your visitors to see. The video player has smooth transitions between playlist options and even allows users to expand the video to fill the whole screen without navigating away from your website. The video library is created by uploading files and providing names and descriptions of each video. Then you have the ability of selecting which videos you want to display on a page, and in what order they should be presented. 

Unlike video streaming services, you do not need to place our logo on your videos, nor will third party advertisements run in the video screen or on the side of the page.  In addition, most video streaming services provide links to other content and websites that can lure your visitors away.  With our drop in module, you have full control over the content on the page, and in the video screen.

Video Display Features:
1. Video details in the playlist are displayed in an organized list.

2. The video player has standard controls: Play / Pause, Stop, Forward, and Back. The controls also allow for volume adjustment and toggling between a video list (screen #1) and a video (screen #1).

3. The videos will expand to their maximum fit while keeping their inherit ratios. Double clicking the video goes to a “Full Screen Mode”.

4. Information about the video is displayed while it is playing, including the title, date published, and time.

5. You can double click the video to enter "Full Screen mode".


Video Administration Features
6 Videos are added to playlists that group videos together.

7. Each video uses the Editor to create the description.

8. Thumbnails are used to identify the videos in various places, including into of the video players.

9. Uploading a video is simple: select the file and click “submit”.