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Collaborative Wisdom CMS is an enterprise content management solution developed on the latest technologies from Microsoft, including ASP.NET 3.5 and SQL Server. This platform provides Collaborative Wisdom CMS with the ability to store heterogeneous data, such as text, images, videos, and audio files, in a single system. Collaborative Wisdom CM provides users with fast and easy access to all the information their organizations need day to day.

The design of the system allows for CMS features to be selected a-la-carte to meet your organization’s needs. This approach allows your organization to have the capabilities of presenting information using the latest web technologies without having to purchase features you don’t want or need.

Software as a Service
"Software as a Service" is a business model that allows your organization to take advantage of expensive software, 24 x 7 support staff, ongoing software updates, and a robust data center without having to pay for it all. For a low monthly fee, Collaborative Wisdom will host and run your website on the CMS while providing the web security and stability you need. We store all of our data in formats that are widely used in the IT industry so you are not locked into our system.

The CMS Core
The Collaborative Wisdom CMS Core is the basis of the CMS framework and is required for the use of the CMS Modules. Using only the CMS Core will provide your organization with most content management capabilities, including adding and editing web pages, inserting documents, photos and other files into the website, and managing the formatting of web pages with a high degree of control.

Click, Edit, Save.
Like many content management systems on the market, the Collaborative Wisdom CMS has a centralized administrative tool to locate and manage all content within the site. However, the Collaborative Wisdom CMS goes beyond this process by allowing any site administrator to use the “Quick Edit” process. The “Quick Edit” process works like this:

  • Step One: Right click on ANY content within your site to pull up the Editor.
  • Step Two: Edit the content using the WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Step Three: Save.

This paradigm allows you to see a change needed on your website and adjust it without having to hunt down the specific page in the administrative section. This is particularly important for sites that have hundreds or thousands of web pages.